Friday, December 18, 2009

The Christmas Gala!

My brother in law is in the high school choir and we had the chance to go see him sing last week. It was a lot of fun. He did such a great job. I wish Beckham was here to go with us and we could take him on a little outing. I told Tyson a couple of weeks earlier that I was going to take my camera, but I dont think he believed me.

Friday, December 11, 2009


I know I'm a little late, but we are have been trying to get everything done for the baby as well as get ready for Christmas. For Thanksgiving this year we went to Britt's parents house and ate with them. It was so pleasant and fun. It was just us, his parents, Shayla and Tyson. It was nothing like what I am use to, but I loved every minute of it. I wish my mom would start doing her own Thanksgiving. It would be alot less contentious. We didnt take any pictures because I left my camera at home, but next year I will for sure take pictures because it will be Beckham's first Thanksgiving.

We are so thankful for so many things. At the top of my life it has got to be my husband, Britt. He is so amazing to me and has taken care of me through this awful pregnancy and he is always so willing to take me straight to the hospital whenever I need to go. I love him so very much and would be so lost without him. I am so thankful for my mom. She is my inspiration and I love her so much. I cant imagine having a better mom. She is my rock and she can always make me laugh when I am stressed or sick. She can always get my mind off of my back and the kidney stones. I love her so much. Thank you mom!

We had a very good thanksgiving and I cant wait for many more to come. It has to be one of my favorite holidays because it is so relaxing and stress free.

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

My Donny Won DWTS!

I am a faithful dancing with the stars fan!! I do not miss a week, not even when I am on vacation. I live for DWTS. Britt just knows that Monday and Tuesday nights are reserved for DWTS.
This year when they announced the stars I was so excited for Donny and Aaron Carter but half way through the season I was all for Donny. To night was the best show of all time. My Donny won and I couldnt be more happy!!!!!

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Are true friends out there?

The last couple of weeks I have really seen who mine and Britt's true friends are. I've even seen it with my little sister and parents. Ever since we got married in February there have been some people in our lives that we thought were are friends and cared that havent talked to us or made an effort to see or talk to us and with the holiday's coming up its really starting to affect me and my attitude towards things.

There have been people that I have been very close to my entire life and talked to on a regular basis that I havent talked to since July or August and it is like they don't care and it's really hurt my feelings and being pregnant probably hasnt made it any easier because I am exrememly emotional and I am not affraid to say anything to anyone.

But enough of complaining about those people. I just want to thank all of our true friends that have made an effort to be in our lives and keep up with whats going on with Beckham and Britt finishing school. We are truely blessed for all of you. My two best friends have really surprised Britt and I. When I got married I thought I was going to lose touch with them and never talk to them but Kayla and Cass are always there for us and for me when I need to talk to someone. They come and visit with Britt and I and they ask about the baby and they are so involved with everything and they have been amazing. We love the two of you very much.

Being married and away from my mom has really opened my eyes to how much I love her and how much she means to me. We have never gotten along better. When I dont talk to her in the morning I feel completely lost. She is my rock and will always listen to me. I love when she talks to me and tells me whats going on with her, my sisters and my dad. I've watched her lose her very best friend in the last year because of other people pushing them apart and now she will never get that back because its been to long, but it happened for a reason and maybe that is why we are beinning to be so close and talk. My mom is an amazing person. When I lost my job she stepped right in and helped us every way we could and then she was even more amazing and hired me to work with her and it is an amazing job and such a blessing. It is exactly what Britt adn I needed and it came at the perfect time. I love my mom so much and I am so very thankful for her and everything she does for me!!

Lyndsey, my little sister just got her wisdom teeth out on Thursday and the poor thing is having the hardest time. She is miserable and in so much pain. I feel so bad for her. On Thursday Britt and I spent alot of time up at my parent's with Lyndsey and my mom. There was only 3 other people that came and seen her and I was shocked. It was my Gma and Gpa Nuzman and her ex boyfriend Jordan. I was so touched that Jordan would come see her after she had broken up with him. He truely cares about Lyndsey and he was perfectly content to sit with her and help her with any thing he could. He brought her balloons and ice cream. I hope that when Lyndsey is old enough to start thinking abotu settling down Jordan will still be her friend and things will work out because he truely cares about her, and she doesnt have much family that does. I love you Lyndsey and I hope you start feeling better soon!

With this pregnancy we have only had a hand full of people that have been truely concerned and checked on us and the baby. There is of course the people that have checked just to know and because its what they are "suppose" to do. I never thought that when I would be having a baby I would feel so different about people that I use to look up and care about a great deal. Now I have no respect for a lot of those people. It has been an adjustment. I want to just call these people out on it, but if I were to ever it would all be turned on me and it would be my fault. I've delt with it my whole like and now I have began to realize that it is complete crap and I'm done, and it is because of my in-laws and my husband that I have realized that. They are the most simple people and perfectly content with not having everyone involved and I want that to be my life with this baby. I have amazing in-laws and they have been so good to us. They are such great examples to me. They have taught me so much in the year that I have been in there family. I love them all so very much.

Monday, November 2, 2009

Halloween Weekend!

Last year for Halloween we spent it in California at Disneyland and Universal Studios. It was a blast. I wanted to go back so bad this year, but Im pretty sure I would of had to just sit and wait all the time cause I'm pregnant. :( so we got stuck staying in Utah, but it was a good weekend and I enjoyed every minute of it. While we were in Cali last year we did our first set of engagement pictures and my hair is VERY blonde and now my hair is pretty dang close to being black!

For the babies room we are doing the entire room Yankee and Boston decorations. Britt made me there logos out of wood and I painted them. Then a couple of weeks ago we were up at Tai Pan and they had stadium pictures of Fenway Park and Yankee stadium for only $50. We decided to wait on the pictures because I had alright spent a good amount of money on Christmas decorations. Well when I finally made a decision the Sandy Tai Pan was sold out and so I called Clearfield and they only had Yankee stadium but I had to have both. Well my dad was going to Vegas with my sister for softball so I called down to St. George and they just had Fenway Park, so I paid for it over the phone and had my dad pick it up while he was down there. Well I had a way of getting Fenway but Yankee stadium was still up in Clearfield but I had to get it cause it was a must have so I called and paid for that one and then we were in a dilemma because no one was going that far north, so we woke up Saturday and decided we were going to go get it. Well the drive was going smooth until we hit Salt Lake and the freeway was closed from 600 south to Bountiful area, so we had to take a detour that took an extra 20 minutes, but it was well worth it because I got my Yankee stadium.

When we got home I had agreed to get Jordy ready for trick or treating so she came down and we did her hair and make-up. She looked so dang cute, but of course I am going to say that she is my baby sister and I love her so very much.

Our apartment looked so cute. We had orange lights around our door and my mother-in-law gave me a VERY cute spider that we hung from our door and we put my mannequin head from hair school out in the flower bed. It was very cute. I forgot to take pictures so you'll just have to trust me.

One of my best friends, Cassidy, brought her darling little boy over to trick or treat at my house and they were as cute as ever. She was cruella de vil and Kayson was a dalmation puppy. They were so dang cute. Everytime Cass comes over with Kays Britt and I get more and more excited for Beckham. Kayson is the cutest little boy on the planet and plays with Britt and makes us laugh the entire time. We just love him.

We had a wonderful Halloween and we cant wait to have Beckham here next year. It will be so much fun to have a little kid to have and to see there expressions to everything.

For the next couple weeks we are going to start putting Beckham's room together, so I'll post pictures as we get things done.

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Transformation is almost complete!!

So ever since I found out Britt was a Red Sox fan I have told him that one day he will see the light and become a Yankee fan. We'll the only jacket that fits me with my belly is my Yankee's jacket and I've had it out and been wearing it lately. Well today I look up and guess who has it one to go to school!! My husband!! I was shocked but I knew it would happen sooner or later. All I have to say is Eat your heart out Brock!!!!

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Kayla Sue's Wedding

Yesterday was one of my VERY best friends got married yesterday. It was a beautiful day. Everything was so perfect and beautiful. They were sealed in the Draper Temple. It was absolutely beautiful. I hadn't ever been there. I loved the inside. Kayla looked absolutely beautiful. Landon and Kayla looked so happy.

After the temple we went to a great lunch with Landon and Kayla and there family.

The reception was beautiful. The colors were green and brown and it was beautiful. I loved all of it. Her cake was darling. Everything was bubbly and cute just like my best friend.

Kayla is truly my best friend. She has always been there for me and she is always so supportive. She is always so positive and great. Landon is a very lucky guy to have Kayla as his wife. She is very caring and will always be there for him. I wish them the best of luck!! If anyone deserves to be happy it is certainly Kayla.

It was a great day and I was so glad I got to spend the day with Kayla. Love you Kayla Sue!

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Its Officially Beckham Warner Sperry!

Well when the post season started I made a bet with Britt that if the Red Sox won the world series we could name the baby Beckett. Well as most of you know the Red Sox didnt make it to the American League championship series, so the name is offically Beckham Warner Sperry! Unless of course I decide to change it. Beckham is the name in the lead as of now but I'm taking suggestions.

Well life in the last couple of weeks hasn't really slowed down. Britt has been working alot and going to school and I'm still getting the hang of the new job and its getting better.

We have decided on a theme for Beckham's bedroom. We are going to do it strictly baseball themed. We are going to try and be civil with both Red Sox and Yankee decorations. We are trying to get decorations but I'm bias for the Yankee things and Britt is bias for the Red Sox. We'll see how this room turns out. I'll be sure to post pictures when we get it done.

Over the last couple of months we are trying to fix up our apartment before the baby comes so we can fill at home untill Britt graduates and we can buy a home. We have done the bathroom and the babies bedroom. I'll post pictures once we get it all done and there will be more then just 2 pictures.

We went to the doctor last week and everything is looking great for the baby. Friday afternoon I had a kidney stone attack and we had to go to the ER, well when we got over there the bitty at the ER told Britt that they could not be seen in the ER and I had to go to Labor and Delivery, because I was over 20 weeks and I could possibly be in labor so they had a nurse take me to L&D. Well they were super nice up there. I was very impressed. They monitored the baby the entire time I was there and they said that they were very impressed that they were able to keep the baby on the monitor the entire time. I'm very lucky that this baby is healthy with all of my stupid kidney issues. I just hope the baby doesnt get cursed with stupid kidney stones.

Other than my little kidney stone attack nothing else is going on in our lives. Right now all we do is watch the post season, dancing with the stars, and all of my favorite shows. I'll keep you posted if anything else exciting happens.

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Autumn Events

One of our favorite places to go and hang out is Sundance ski resort. I love the environment and the Sundance gift shop. We did our engagement pictures up there and if we would have gotten married in the fall we would have had our reception up there!! It was my dream to have my wedding there but when we decided on getting married in February we had to take the weather into consideration and if people would drive that far for our reception, either way our reception was great and perfect in Salem.

Our favorite thing to do at Sundance is to go to the Deli and get a Turkey Avocado Sandwich. They are do die for. If your ever in the mood to get out for a minute we recommend going to Sundance and getting a sandwich and walking around. Well on saturday Britt wanted to take me up Provo canyon to see the leaves changing and so we decided to go to Sundance and get a sandwich and right the lift. We invited Shayla, Britt's sister to go with us. So after Britt got done painting our hallway and I got some work done we got ready and headed up the canyon.

Well when we got up there it was really busy and the lift was not going. They closed at 5 and we had missed it by only 45 minutes. So we just went and got our sandwiches and walked around. The sandwiches were to die for and I ate every bit of it. It was exactly what I had been craving.

They were having a wedding in the building I had always wanted to have mine at and it was exactly how I would have done it. It was beautiful.

I havent been feeling very well and have had a lot of work to do in the last 3 weeks so I hadnt been out of our apartment in a couple of weeks so it was the perfect place to go and get some fresh mountain air and be with my husband.

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Jordy's Birthday!

September 1st was my baby sister, Jordy's, birthday. She turned 11 and I can not believe how little she was. She weighted 3 lbs when she was born and was in NCIU for exactly one month. She was 9 weeks premature, and we almost lost my mom and Jordy. It was probably the scariest thing I had to face when I was younger.

It was really weird because this year on September first I found myself back in the ICU supporting Britt and my in-laws because Britt's grandma Sperry had open heart surgery on the 31st and she was in ICU for a few days. It was a coincidence that I was back in the ICU exactly 11 years later from the first time I had seen my sister. I hadn't been in there since Jordy was there.

For Jordy's birthday she had a swim party with her friends at my parents neighbor's house. My dad and Lyndsey had a ball game and Britt had school till 8 so it was just me and my mom and 5 little girls.

All Jordy has wanted for a long time was Roxy bedding for her bedroom. My mom didnt want to just go buy it for her so she waited for her birthday to give it to her. I think Jordy would tell you it was well worth the wait.

I think Jordy had a pretty good birthday. She got everything she had asked for and she got to spend it with her family.

We love her very much and are so thankful she survived her tough start. She has always been a little spit fire and she fought everyday for the first year of her life and I am so glad she did. She is the best baby sister anyone could have. I love her so very much!

As far as Grandma Sperry goes. She is doing GREAT!! She was home in less then a week after surgery. She is a trooper. Britt and I are so thankful to have her with us still and we are so glad our son will be able to meet Britt's grandma. We love Elma very much and are so very thankful to have her in our lives. She is an amazing woman and such a great example to everyone!

Sunday, September 20, 2009

It's a BOY!

Last week we went in for my 20 week ultrasound and to find out what the baby is. It's a boy and I couldn't be more excited. Britt wanted a girl but I got my way and we are getting a BOY!!! We are going to name him Beckham Warner Sperry. Beckham after David Beckham (HAHA) jk after my Great Grandma Healey, her maiden name was Beck. Warner is my dad's middle name, and since he didnt have a boy to name after him I thought it would be nice to name his first grandson named after him. So the babies intitals will be B.W.S, and that is Britt's initials. So his name is full of meaning and I cant wait to get him here!

Over the last little bit we havent been doing much. Britt is going to school 2 full days and week and work 3 to 4 full days a week, and Im still getting use to my new job. It's been hard because Im still having all sorts of kidney stone crap. So our life has been full of doctor visits and spending money on stupid hospital bills, and school fees, but hey its our life and we wouldnt have it any other way.

Sunday, August 23, 2009

New York Yankee's vs. Boston Red Sox

I just wanted to say way to go Yankees!!

Britt and I have a love hate relationship when it comes to our MLB teams. He is a die hard Red Sox fan and I am a die hard NY fan. It is probably the only major difference of opinion we have. We both like to brag about our teams when they are doing better then the other.

Well to night the 3 game series showed who the better team was and of course it was my New York Yankees!

The Red Sox may have beaten my team last night, but I had faith that my Yank's wouldnt let me down and they sure did do me proud. Go Yanks!

Monday, July 27, 2009


Well this summer has been very interesting. June 1st I woke up very sick and figured I had a kidney infection so I went to the clinic to get checked but they wanted to rule out some other things first so they did a blood test and then sent me to my kidney doctor to have them check my kidneys. Well I went to the kidney doctor and I did have an infection so I just figured that was why I was sick well on my way home from the doctor I get a call from the clinic and Kristin told me I was pregnant!! I was in complete shock! A baby was not in the plans for a couple years! She wanted me to come back to see how far along I was. Well on my way to the clinic I decided I better call Britt and tell him. I get him on the phone and I asked him if he is sitting down. He was like ahhh yea why I blurted out "Im pregnant!" Britt was in shock he didnt know what to say. He came right home from work and we just were in shock to how and when? Well they did an ultrasound and told me I was 6 weeks and I was due on Jan. 26th.

Britt's birthday was June 26th and I wanted to get him something that he would never buy himself. So I decided I was going to get him a barbecue. A couple days before his birthday me and my mom went over and bought it and hid it at her house! For his birthday we decided to go to Goodwood for dinner with our families. Neither of our parents had been before. We went to dinner then came back to our apartment and had fruit pizza (Britt's Request). The next morning Britt was so excited to but his present together he got up at 7 am (on a saturday) and had it all put together before I even woke up.

For the 4th of July we didnt do much. My family was in Colorado with Lyndsey playing in a softball tournament and they wouldnt get back till sunday. We went down to my Grandpa Mark's cabin with my grandparents and had lunch. We wanted to go watch fireworks but we didnt want to fight all the traffic so we decided we would take the four wheelers on top of west mountain and watch them. We invited Jared and Becky, and Shayla and DB(nick). The fireworks were small but we enjoyed them and it was fun to get out and go do something with Britt's friends.

For my birthday I had been really sick for the 2 weeks before, so I want feeling up to much. My parents took us to dinner at Tempenyaki (my favorite) then we came back to our apartment and had Strawberry bunt cake, my favortie. Britt gave me a chi flat iron (I love it! they are best things ever), and my parents gave me fat people clothes (maternity). Shayla and Tyson gave me the best girl ever though! I collect babries and had seen the 50th anniversary barbie and really wanted it but I didnt think anyone would get it for me. To my surprise they got it! I was stoked! It is the best present ever!!!

For the 24th of July my parents were in Park City with Lyndsey at another softball tournament so we hung out at my Grandma Colleen's for the majority of the day. Britt had only been to the parade a couple of times but it was always on main street and really crowded areas. Well the Healey's have the luxury of watching it from my grandparents front yard and its fabulous. No one is around and we get to have breakfast and just relax. It was really nice. That afternoon my Grandpa Paul told us he was going to do the crane swing that he use to do when I was younger. I was excited cause I hadn't been on it sense I was a little girl and Britt had never experienced it. When they got it up to the house my uncle mike strapped Britt on before he knew what hit him and raised him to the top(5 floors, 50 feet)! What they didnt know was Britt is scared of heights. Britt loved it. By the time it was my turn I was to sick so I never got a chance to ride it but next year when Im not preggers I'll be the first!

We have had a really fun summer. I will try to keep everyone updated better. I'm not very good and posting updates! Sorry!

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Easter, Weddings, State Tournament, and Moab!

We had our first Easter together this year. It was so fun to put a basket together for Britt and be able to share it with him. We didnt do one thing for Easter we just sat at home with each other and watched movies and enjoyed our day off together.
One of Britt best friends got married May 2nd and We were able to go and spend the day with them. It was the first time we had been back to the Salt Lake temple sense our wedding and it was very neat to be at a sealing that wasn't our own. Congratulations Brock & Jessica
We went to Moab with Britts parents, Tyson & Seth, and Britts Uncle Keiths family. It was a lot of fun. I had been to moab a number of times but it was always to go jeeping. I had never been there to do the hiking part. It was a lot of fun to drive around Arche's National Park. Im not a hiker so I didnt do to much of that but it was fun to spend the weekend with Britts family and see how he was raised. He has an awesome family and Im very excited to be apart of the family.

My little sister Lyndsey played in the 5A Softball state tournament this year. Britt & I hadnt gone to one game all season cause we had been busy with work. But we said we would go if she made it to state. Well we decided to go to the last couple games. She did awesome. She is so good at what she does. Spanish Fork ended up taking 3rd place but overall I think they were awesome and did the best they could with what they had! Good Job Lyndsey! We love you!

Sunday, April 5, 2009

The Wedding and Married Life

Well I know it has been a LONG time sense I've updated this so I thought today would be the perfect time to do it.
We got our endowments out at the same time on February 19th in the Manti temple. It was so freaking cool. Britt and I were so nervous because you are never really prepared enough to go threw the temple and we had no idea what to expect but it was so much fun. We had so much support. My parents, Britt's parents, my Grandma Louise and Grandpa Mark, my Grandma Colleen and Grandpa Paul, Britt's Grandma Sperry, My Aunt Daria and Uncle Greg, and Britt's Uncle Dennis and Aunt Teresa all came with us to support us. Then to my surprise my mom's Aunt Shirley and Cousin Sue Ann and her husband Scott came and got to be there with us.
When we got there my escort was my dad's best friend Jeff's mom. It was so cool to have someone that knew me help me threw that awesome
experience. The Manti temple was so pretty I was totally taken away by all the detail. It was an amazing day and experience and I was so very happy to have Britt there with me. The next week flew by. It was Friday night before we knew what hit us. Friday night was the longest night of my life I honestly couldn't believe how slow that night went by. The next morning we were crazy busy trying to get everything done before we had to be to the temple. From there the day couldn't of gone any better. Everything went so smooth and perfect. I loved everything about our wedding. The temple was so unbelievable. I am so glad we both agreed to be married in the Salt Lake Temple. I always dreamed of what it would be like in there and it was everything I ever imagined.
My cousin K.C. came down from Idaho and it was so fun to see her when we walked into the lunch. I hadn't seen her in 3 years. We were always way close and it was a blast to have her there with us.

We were super stressed about our Luncheon but it went so smooth and perfect. Britt made our wedding video of us growing up and us dating. It was so dang cute. I absolutely love it! I bet I watched it twice a day for 2 weeks. I love it! The food was super good. We had the Lunch at the White Willow is Provo. It turned out so good and perfect.
After we left the Lunch we went over to the reception center and we got there and we were putting things up the way we wanted it, and my mom thought something was missing when all of a sudden it hit her that it was the fountain for the drink. She freaked we had to call my dad and he had to go remind the lady to bring it over. She had forgotten. Then she started freaking out that the cupcakes weren't there yet. Right as she started to freak out about that the cupcake lady pulled up and everything was perfect.
I hadn't seen my cake yet so I was so excited to just get to the reception to see it. When I walked in and seen it I was so excited! It was so perfect! It was everything I wanted and more. It was perfect.
The reception went really well. We had an amazing turn out and want to thank everyone that came. We really appreciate everyone and everything they do for us.
My mom's cousin's gave us for a gift a suite up in Salt Lake at the Marriott. It was so freaking cool. We loved it! It was so much fun. It was so big and prefect.
We had an amazing day and we are so grateful for our amazing parents and families that helped us out so much with everything we had that day! Everyone stepped up and was so helpful. Thank you all so very much.

For our honeymoon we went to Cali and Vegas we had a blast. Vegas wasn't our favorite it wasn't clean and all the people were very rude. We stayed at the Luxor Hotel in one of the Spa Suite's which was pretty cool. We loved that part out it. We were there for 2 days then went to Cali.
In Cali we stayed at the double tree that was only about 5 minutes away from Disneyland. We spent a day and half there. It was so much fun to be back there. We were in there in October but had to do everything super fast. The full day we spent at Disneyland it rained and we had to go back to the hotel and change. But even though it rained we had so much fun and it was empty so we got to walk on to everything. Britt's favorite ride at Disneyland was Indiana Jones. Well I love the Toy Story ride, Soaring over California, and Space Mountain. It was a toss up.
The next day we went to Universal Studio's, which is Britt's favorite place. We got the front of the line passes and got to ride everything twice and do everything in less the 5 hours. Which I think is pretty good. When we went to universal in October we rode Jurassic Park and I got soaking wet so we decided this time to sit towards the back so I wouldn't get wet. Well we went on it the first time and we didn't get an ounce of water on us. But we wanted to buy the picture but you couldn't see our faces so we decided to ride it again to get the picture we sat in the same exact spots as before but I walked out of there soaking wet! I was so mad! It was windy so I was freezing cold. But all in all the day was perfect.
We had so much fun on our honeymoon. It was so fun and good for us to spend an entire week just the two of us with no real world distractions.

We have now been home for a month and we are loving it. Our apartment is so cute and we love being together. We are loving being home in the real world and working and just making our life together. We have so much to look forward to. We love the married life and we couldn't ask for anything more perfect then each other and what we got!

Thursday, January 22, 2009


So our wedding is less then 6 weeks away and I am so freakin excited! I know i havent updated this for a while but we have been busy with family and the wedding!

We had a really good first Christmas together. Now just looking forward to the next chapter of our life and getting married. We almost have everything done for the wedding. We have everyone hired that we need and we are getting our invitaions this week. The worst part about this whole wedding thing is the stupid addresses and getting them on labels. I hate it. I am so lucky that Britt has taken the inititive to do it and get them done. He is awesome.

We thought we had gotten the picture we are going to use for the announcements but I decided I didnt really like them anymore so we went and got them redone up at Sundance and I think they turned out really cute! I love them.

We got our apartment and we cant wait to start moving it. We are just waiting for Clay to call and tell us to move it! It is going to so fun to have our own place and decorate and have more room for all of our stuff!