Thursday, January 22, 2009


So our wedding is less then 6 weeks away and I am so freakin excited! I know i havent updated this for a while but we have been busy with family and the wedding!

We had a really good first Christmas together. Now just looking forward to the next chapter of our life and getting married. We almost have everything done for the wedding. We have everyone hired that we need and we are getting our invitaions this week. The worst part about this whole wedding thing is the stupid addresses and getting them on labels. I hate it. I am so lucky that Britt has taken the inititive to do it and get them done. He is awesome.

We thought we had gotten the picture we are going to use for the announcements but I decided I didnt really like them anymore so we went and got them redone up at Sundance and I think they turned out really cute! I love them.

We got our apartment and we cant wait to start moving it. We are just waiting for Clay to call and tell us to move it! It is going to so fun to have our own place and decorate and have more room for all of our stuff!