Sunday, March 28, 2010

Aunt Lyndsey's Cast

This last week Lyndsey got a cast on her poor broken hand. We havent seen her with her cast until Friday, so when we saw it I thought she needed Beckham to sign it. Well since he is still a baby we decided to trace his hand instead. I think its pretty cute. Beckham loves his Aunt Lyndsey and she is such a cute girl. We love her very much.

Happy 50th Birthday Grandpa Wayne!

On Friday we celebrated Wayne's 50th birthday. Thursday night Britt and I went and decorated the house. It was super cute, but unfortunately it rained and it ruined the 50 50's we put in the front yard, but it was fun. For his birthday we went to dinner at Red Robin then went back to there house and had cake and ice cream. The month of March is full of birthdays for my in-laws and I love it. I love birthdays and making them a big deal.

We love Grandpa Wayne very much. He is so supportive and helpful. I am so very lucky to have the in-laws I have. We appreciate everything everything he does for us. He is an amazing dad, grandpa and father-in-law. We couldnt have anyone better than him. We love you Wayne/Grandpa/Dad!! We hope you had a good birthday and we are looking forward to celebrating many more with you.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Sunshine Tournament.

We have been looking forward for Sunshine this year because we haven't gone anywhere in awhile. Well the Tuesday we got the saddest phone call ever. Lyndsey had broke her hand and she was going to be out for 6 weeks. We thought for sure our trip was canceled and we couldnt go. Well after talking to my mom and Britt we decided that since Lyndsey still had to go and support the team that we were going to go as well and support Lyndsey because she was devastated that she couldnt play for 6 weeks. It was also Beckham's first vacation. He was such a jewel too. He slept the whole way down and home. On Friday it was windy and kind of cold at the games so we couldnt take him out of the stroller but he was such a trooper and didnt cry very much. Saturday the weather was perfect we just had to keep him out of the sun. He loved being outside and loved the sun. Even though Spanish Fork Softball didnt win any games it was still alot of fun to watch them and support Lyndsey. She is darling and we love her.

Happy Birthday Tyson!

March 17th was Tyson's birthday, but we had to go to dinner the night before because lucky Tyson left for Disneyland on his birthday. We went to Goodwood for dinner and then went back to my in-laws and gave Tyson his present. Tyson is Beckhams favorite uncle. He just loves him. Sunday when Tyson got home from Disneyland we had another dinner for him and had cake and ice cream. Tyson your awesome and we love you very much!

Just Dance!

A couple of Sundays ago we went to my Grandma's for dinner and Lyndsey brought her Just Dance game. It was so much fun. We played for hours. It took us forever to convince Britt to get up and shake it. But he did and it was a blast.

First trip to the ball park.

Two weeks ago I took Beckham to Lyndsey's high school softball game. He was so cute. He loved his stroller. It was the first time he had really been outside and in his stroller. It was so much fun. Lyndsey did a great job and they won against Layton.

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Happy Birthday Marsha/Mom/Grandma!!

Yesterday was my wonderful mother-in-law Marsha's birthday. For her birthday we went to dinner with the family at Olive Gardner. I always have so much fun when I am with my in-laws. Marsha is such a wonderful mom to all of us. We can always depend on her to get us the little things that we need. She will never know how much I really appreciate her and the things she does for us. I love it when she brings us a box of cereal. Its wonderful. She is such a great Grandma to Beckham. From the very beginning of my pregnancy she was so excited to be a grandma. She just adores Beckham and I know that when he is with her he is probably more safe than when he is with Britt and I. If it wasnt for Marsha I wouldnt have the husband I have now. He is the most respectful, helpful, loving, caring most amazing man and I know that it is because of her. We love her very much and are so thankful for her. We love you Grandma, Marsha and Mom!!! Hope you had a wonderful birthday!