Sunday, April 17, 2011

A Sunday to remember!

Today was my Grandpa Mark's 69th birthday. My Aunt Nan and Uncle Roger came down and we all got together at my Grandma's and had a lunch and some good chit chat. Well when I was younger I had two holes in my ears, but they grew in over the last ten years or so. We'll my Grandma has a piercing gun so we decided to do it since Nan was down and she is the one that knew how to do it. We'll the earrings I bought would fit in the gun so we decided to pierce them with different earrings and then change them to the cute little diamonds I had bought.

Well we did my left ear went pretty smoothly. Since the backs of the earrings go on pretty tight it took my dad to get them off. So then it was on to the right ear, which didnt go as smoothly. Well Nan pierced it and when she went to take the back off it was on backwards so it hurt so freaking bad. Then my dad came over and took it off and blood gushed out of my ear it was throbbing. I was crying and wanted to die. Well then my everyone tried to get the other earring in and couldnt get it through all the way so my dad spent a good fifteen minutes getting it through the hole. It hurt so freaking bad! I was crying, screaming, gripping my sweater. Well while I was going through all this pain my Grandpa got a great laugh out of it and was crying he was laughing so hard at me.

After we got mine all taken care of my cousin Maddy decided she wanted the top of her ear done. I was shocked cause she did just watch me go through more pain then ever. I even asked or a percocet after it was all done. Well Maddys went very smoothly and no problems.

My right ear is still throbbing. I cant put my headphones on my ear and I cant work. Moral of this blog dont pierce your ears on Sunday (thats what grandma said anyways) and just spend the $30 and get it done at the mall. It was a good time!

Monday, April 11, 2011

Spring Time

We are loving the warm weather (when it actually is warm that is). We spend a lot of time at the ball park watching Lyndsey play ball since its her last year of high school. Spanish Forks softball team is doing awesome. They have only lost once and Lyndsey is awesome. I am so proud of her. Beckham loves watching her play ball. We are lucky enough to live close to the Sports Park so we are able to walk there, play on the play ground then watch Lynds play. Marsha bought him a cute little monkey chair that is his size and perfect for him. He loves it.

The last week we have also got to spend a lot of time with my bestie and her cute little boy Kayson and Beckhams bestie. They are so cute together. I told Kayson that me and his mom make a good team and he told me that him and Beckham are a great team. it was so freaking cute.

Also last week I went to a new doctor about my kidney stones and infections to see if they had another a option to help me with the pain. Well they did have a solution and we were all so excited. They are going to try and numb my kidney for a few weeks and if it helps with the pain then they will kill all the nerves to my kidney. This comes with some complications but I am willing to take these complications as long as I can stop passing stones and feeling the infections.