Monday, July 27, 2009


Well this summer has been very interesting. June 1st I woke up very sick and figured I had a kidney infection so I went to the clinic to get checked but they wanted to rule out some other things first so they did a blood test and then sent me to my kidney doctor to have them check my kidneys. Well I went to the kidney doctor and I did have an infection so I just figured that was why I was sick well on my way home from the doctor I get a call from the clinic and Kristin told me I was pregnant!! I was in complete shock! A baby was not in the plans for a couple years! She wanted me to come back to see how far along I was. Well on my way to the clinic I decided I better call Britt and tell him. I get him on the phone and I asked him if he is sitting down. He was like ahhh yea why I blurted out "Im pregnant!" Britt was in shock he didnt know what to say. He came right home from work and we just were in shock to how and when? Well they did an ultrasound and told me I was 6 weeks and I was due on Jan. 26th.

Britt's birthday was June 26th and I wanted to get him something that he would never buy himself. So I decided I was going to get him a barbecue. A couple days before his birthday me and my mom went over and bought it and hid it at her house! For his birthday we decided to go to Goodwood for dinner with our families. Neither of our parents had been before. We went to dinner then came back to our apartment and had fruit pizza (Britt's Request). The next morning Britt was so excited to but his present together he got up at 7 am (on a saturday) and had it all put together before I even woke up.

For the 4th of July we didnt do much. My family was in Colorado with Lyndsey playing in a softball tournament and they wouldnt get back till sunday. We went down to my Grandpa Mark's cabin with my grandparents and had lunch. We wanted to go watch fireworks but we didnt want to fight all the traffic so we decided we would take the four wheelers on top of west mountain and watch them. We invited Jared and Becky, and Shayla and DB(nick). The fireworks were small but we enjoyed them and it was fun to get out and go do something with Britt's friends.

For my birthday I had been really sick for the 2 weeks before, so I want feeling up to much. My parents took us to dinner at Tempenyaki (my favorite) then we came back to our apartment and had Strawberry bunt cake, my favortie. Britt gave me a chi flat iron (I love it! they are best things ever), and my parents gave me fat people clothes (maternity). Shayla and Tyson gave me the best girl ever though! I collect babries and had seen the 50th anniversary barbie and really wanted it but I didnt think anyone would get it for me. To my surprise they got it! I was stoked! It is the best present ever!!!

For the 24th of July my parents were in Park City with Lyndsey at another softball tournament so we hung out at my Grandma Colleen's for the majority of the day. Britt had only been to the parade a couple of times but it was always on main street and really crowded areas. Well the Healey's have the luxury of watching it from my grandparents front yard and its fabulous. No one is around and we get to have breakfast and just relax. It was really nice. That afternoon my Grandpa Paul told us he was going to do the crane swing that he use to do when I was younger. I was excited cause I hadn't been on it sense I was a little girl and Britt had never experienced it. When they got it up to the house my uncle mike strapped Britt on before he knew what hit him and raised him to the top(5 floors, 50 feet)! What they didnt know was Britt is scared of heights. Britt loved it. By the time it was my turn I was to sick so I never got a chance to ride it but next year when Im not preggers I'll be the first!

We have had a really fun summer. I will try to keep everyone updated better. I'm not very good and posting updates! Sorry!