Saturday, December 6, 2008

Christmas Tree Contest!

So for work we are having a Christmas Tree decorating contest. I had all Thanksgiving weekend to think about it and I couldn't think of a cute idea. Well my mom thought I should do a Grinch or Polar Express tree... I was to sold of them so I kept thinking. Well out of no where I told Britt I was going to do a Dancing with The Stars Tree. So Saturday Britt me and Lyndsey went to Roberts and got little Christmas lights and little mirror ball and star ornaments.
Sunday Britt and I went down to his house and printed a bunch of dancing with the stars pictures and put them together with silver ribbon and decorate
ed the tree. It looked so good. I was so excited so I had to go show everyone and take pictures of it. It was so much to decorate a tree how I wanted to. The judging was yesterday so I will find out if I won on Monday!

Monday, December 1, 2008

Thanksgiving Weekend!

This Thanksgiving was so amazing! I loved every minute of the weekend. I was so ready for a 4 day break from work and being with Britt for those 4 days. We ate Thanksgiving dinner at my Grandma Colleens this year. Everyone was there but Stacy's family. My uncle Mike that lives in Chicago came and it was so fun to see him. I havent seen him in months. After we ate we all just hung around for a little bit and everyone caught up on what was going on with their lives.
When we left my Grandma's we went down to Britts house and had pie with them. It was so fun. Britt is so dang cute. He say's Pumpkin, pumkin. I laugh every time he says it. I Love everything about him. I am so lucky I am marrying him and marrying into his family. The
y are so awesome. I love being down there even though we arent down there alot. After we left his parents house we went down to my Grandma Louise's house and I got to see my cousins from all sides and my aunts and uncle. I can not belive how big all my cousin's have gotten. It was so much fun to have my uncle Dell back and to be able to talk to him and catch up and see his girls. His youngest, Kinlee is 2 and she had never had pop in her life so me and Kassie decided we were going to be the first to give it to her. She absolutly loved it! She was so cute. All in all Thanksgiving was a good day and I loved spending it with Britt and our families!

That friday Britt and I went four wheeling with my dad and Lyndsey out by Delta. It was alot of fun. When we got there and began to ride it was so cold. I could not believe I agreed to go with them. I hate being cold and I hate being dirty. What in the world was I thinking. We went up to the Volcano and had lunch then just rode around for a couple hours. While we were eat It was so fun to be away from all the craziness of the shopping.
Whenever the Healey's go out to the Volcano we dont usually go around the mountain well this time we decided to and there were some cool places that had formed because of the time and just earth. It was pretty cool.

Saturday was Lyndsey's 16th birthday. I can not believe how big she is getting and she is so pretty. For her birthday we went and saw Twilight with Me Britt Kenna and Lyndsey then we went to Tempekyaki with the family, and it was so good! I love that place. It is to die for. After we ate we went hope and opened gifts and Lyndsey had some friends over to watch the Jazz Game. It was a pretty fun day.

This Thanksgiving weekend was so much fun! I loved spending it with Britt and I can not wait to spend every year with him and our families. I am the luckest girl in the world.