Tuesday, May 31, 2011


Okay so I have a lot of catching up to do. We have had one crazy month. I need to blog about Easter, the new car, Prom, Graduation, State Softball, and DWTS. We'll I need to clean my car and take pictures of it before I can do the Easter post and the car post, so I am going to go go out of order.

Lyndsey went to her senior prom a few weeks ago and it was a very stressful weekend. Lyndsey ordered her dress online and they sent her the wrong one so my mom overnighted it back so they would send the right one. We'll Friday (the day before the dance) my mom got a phone call from the site and they said sorry we dont have her size. My mom and Lyndsey instantly panicked. I was with my bestie, Cassidy, and she had a few dresses Lyndsey could try. We took them right to the high school and she thought they were to plain so me and Cass told her that we would sparkle it up for her and change it. We went on a excursion and bought everything you can think of to make this dress what Lyndsey wanted. Well in the meantime my mom was in SLC and was trying to find a dress in Lyndsey's size so she ended up just buying and dress and bringing it home. Well after two days of sewing and changing things we went up to get her ready for the dance. She didnt end up wearing the dress we altered she ended up wearing the one my mom bought, which was just fine. Cass and I had a blast doing it for her anyways.

She went to Prom with one of her oldest friends, Matt Nelson. They have known each other for a long time and have been great friends. He is a super cute kid. They were darling together. Matt ended up winning Prom King, which is pretty cool. Lyndsey looked beautiful as always and had a great time.