Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Hurt ankle

Sunday we stopped at my grandmas and I fell off her porch and hurt my ankle bad. I have had to keep my ankle up and in a boot. Crappy

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Thursday, April 19, 2012

Gpa Marks 70th Birthday

Tuesday was my Gpa Marks 70th birthday. I decided to do the streamers the night before but it rained and was windy so they were ruined. But I thought I had gotten lucky with my Gpa being gone to the cabin that night and day so I thought I would be able to do the rest before he got home but it rained so he came home early and I had to do the lawn 70's and signs while he was there. He was still cute about it and I think he liked it that night we decided we would all go to dinner at TexasRoadhouse in Sandy so my aunt and uncle from Brigham could meet us and some other friends. It was a lot of fun. Happy Birthday Gpa Mark. We love you.


Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Beckhams week from heck!

This last week Beckham had probably the worst week of his little life. It goes like this

SUNDAY- While we were playing kickball Beckham had just gone to the bathroom in the toilet and was so excited to go tell everyone. He ran out to the grass and Aunt Lynnie was running and slammed right into Beck. Britt said "shit" and ran to him so when Beckham got up he said "shit" it was hilarious.

MONDAY- Nothing.

TUESDAY-Poor little Beck woke up with the flu and was so sick. It was so sad. He didn't know what was going on. He was completely helpless.

WEDNESDAY- While I was doing my "T-Gym" work-out he was down stairs with my mom cooking dinner when he touched the stove. It was so sad. I didn't witness it but what I think happened was he went to touch and barely touched it when my mom turned around and seen his hand close to the burner and scream I think he was more scared than anything.

THURSDAY- While we were getting ready for the day Beckham stepped on a piece of glass twice. A cut on both feet. Poor little man.

FRIDAY- Nothing.

SATURDAY- Nothing.

SUNDAY- While playing at Gma Marsha's in the kitchen with his dad he tripped and slammed his head into the corner of the fridge. This is the only owie I got a picture of. He was still smiling for pictures.

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Monday, April 9, 2012

Easter 2012

This Easter was soooo good. It was such a fun weekend. Friday we spent the day with my Gma Louise and helped her get her Easter treats for the grand kids ready. I helped her make the bags. It was a lot of fun. I only took pictures of the first 6 bags but we made 12.

Saturday Beckham and I got up and ready and went back to my Gma Louise's to color eggs and have an Easter egg hunt with Kennedy. Beckham absolutely loved it.

Later that day we went to Home Depot with Wayne, Marsha, and Forrest. Beckham LOVES home depot.

Easter morning woke up and we were all very spoiled by the Easter bunny. Beckham got a cute baseball outfit, lots of toys, and a black baby chick. He did not like the chick at all so we gave it to his aunt Lyndsey. Britt got some clothes, movies, and candy. I got a new precious (a make up case), a fabulous new turquoise wallet, One Tree Hill season 8 (and I get season 9 tomorrow when it comes out), sunglasses, and clothes. We were very spoiled.

After church we went over to my moms and had an AWESOME dinner with my mom, dad, Lyndsey, J'son, Madds, Gma Louise, Gpa Mark, and my little family. My mom put together a Easter egg hunt and we all got a new pair of shoes. We were all spoiled yet again.

After the shoe hunt we played kickball in my parents new fabulous back yard.

It was such a great day spent with awesome people. Beckham was beat.

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Monday, April 2, 2012

Big Boy Bed/Baby

When we first put Beckham in his toodler bed he did so good. After a few months his Scentsy burnt out and the dark started scaring him so he started getting in our bed in the middle of the night. Well we have tried everything to get him back to sleeping in his bed. We got him a TV for Christmas and that only helped a few nights. We tried falling asleep with us then putting him in his bed and that has lasted until now but he always ends up in our bed before morning. It didn't help matters being out of town two weeks in February and having to stay at my moms with Jord where we weren't having a very good schedule. Then last night he fell asleep with me and I asked Britt to put him in his bed and he instantly yelled "NO MOM!". That was my breaking point. Last night I had a dream (weird I know) that if I made him a sticker chart it might help him get excited to sleep in his big boy bed. Tonight is our first night. Wish us luck.

On a side note I got to watch my BFF's little boy for the first time today for a few hours. He is an absolute doll. I just love little Stetzyn oh and his momm, Kayla Sue. Tending baby Stetzyn definitely didn't help with wanting a baby. I know shocker right. I have decided I want another baby. I keep teasing Britt about wanting it now but in all reality I want it in another year or so before we start trying.

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