Sunday, October 28, 2012

My Kitchen Table

I finally have a nice sturdy kitchen table, and I am in LOVE with it. When we first were married we bought us a table from ikea with some stools. It was perfect for us but then we had Beckham and it became more of a junk collector than a table because we never used it about a year ago I decided to just get rid of it. We were never home to use it and I was sick of looking at it well this year for our anniversary Britt said he would make me a new desk. I was thrilled but one day I decided I didn't really need a desk and I wanted to start having a more consistent schedule for Beckham and for us to start eating as a family not always eating at my moms, Gma Louise's, or Marsha's. Don't get me wrong I love having them all so close to make us dinner but I'm sure they all get sick of it so I told Britt I wanted a table. Well we had a crazy summer and Britt had a lot of other projects going on so I waited, not patiently though. Once her started the table he got it all done and four chairs in one month! We just got the chairs home yesterday and had our first meal on it today! It was perfect!

All finished and in my kitchen!
I have the most talented husband on the planet that puts up with my crazy requests and always makes it happen! Love you Britt!
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