Thursday, January 20, 2011


We had a few Christmas Parties the month of December. They were both on the same day and a lot of fun. I had my surgery two weeks earlier so I couldn't go all out on things like I would have liked to but I think they turned out great. This year at the Nuzman Christmas party we did the tradition that my mom and her siblings did when they were little with there Grandma. My mom's Grandma Nuzzy use to give them all small little random gifts, so this year we decided to try it and I personally loved it. Every family had to buy a little gift for everyone. I thought it turned out absolutely wonderful. I had some much fun finding the presents for everyone. I hope we continue this tradition because it is so much fun to find the gifts and if you do it throughout the year it doesnt seem so over whelming.

This year was Beckham's first Christmas and it was so much fun to be Santa. He was definetly spoiled. I kind of went overboard and bought him everything I wanted to, and now it is biting me in the butt because its his birthday next week and I had no idea what to get him. But back to Christmas. It is my favorite holiday. I had our house decorated the week after Halloween. We actually bought our tree on Halloween. I loved our house this year for Christmas. It felt a lot more homey than last year at our old apartment. This year was a lot different than any other Christmas I had ever had but it ended up being the best one ever!

Since it was Beckham's first Christmas we invited our families down to watch Beckham open his presents. My parents and sister's came down first thing when we woke up and watched him open his presents. He had so much fun ripping the paper apart after not being able to touch the present's for weeks before. He got a lot of clothes and toys, way to many toys. He doesnt even know how to play with them all.

We gave Beckham a front facing car seat for Christmas and I think that was his favorite gift. When we went to look at the seat's Beckham he was in heaven. I was really set on getting him the air chair but when we got there and was looking at it the air pockets stuck out way to far and he couldnt see to the side so we decided to go with the Eddie Bauer one and Beckham loves it. He loves being in the car. He is absolutely adorable. We gave him a little four wheeler and he loves it. It is so fun to watch Beckham climb up onto it and off of it. He is so funny.

After we got done opening present's at our house we went up to my parents so we could give my dad his gift. My mom surprised him with the iPhone 4. He was a little worried about it at first. He has had a Razor for the past 7 years and he was in dyer need of a new phone. I think so far he really likes it. We got him a bluetooth as well so he could work and talk at the same time. For Christmas this year my parents gave us all a trip to Hawaii! We are so freaking excited. We leave February 2 and we'll be gone for a week. Even Beckham gets to come with us. We are so excited. We havent had a long vacation since our Honeymoon so we are in desperate need of this trip. My sister's are very excited. They have never been so it will be fun to be with them on there first Hawaiian experience.

We then headed down to the Sperry's. They are so good to us. Beckham got his favorite gift from his Uncle Tyson. Tyson gave him a set of soft blocks and he loves them. He plays with them for hours. He loves to put them away. It is so dang cute. Britt & I got some awesome cologne and perfume from his parents. Tyson got me a cute luggage tag for our trip and I cant wait to put it on my new luggage (I'll post them later. I love them.)

After the Sperry's we went to my Gma Louise's house for a little bit while my cousin's were there. Beckham loves my Grandma Louise's house. He entertainer's us so much. He is the center of attention whenever he is there. My mom gave him a trunkee for our trip to Hawaii to take with us to the airport. It is the cutest thing ever. It is a suit case that has wheels and handles so he can ride it through the airport and hold all of his toys in it. It is adorable. My mom bought the stickers so we were able to make a face on it so it looks like a animal.

Later that night after a lot of thought and consideration I decided that I better so see my Grandma Colleen. I am very happy we did. Beckham was quite sure what to think. He hasnt ever really been there so he was out of his comfort zone but I am glad we went and he was able to see my Grandparent's on his first Christmas.

We had a very good Christmas. I dont think we could have asked for a better one. For Christmas Britt & I just gave each other a bunch of random things that we had wanted buy hadnt bought ourselves. I got Britt tool bags, clothes, tie, wallet, and stuff like that. Britt got me shoes, jewelery, DVD's, books, ect.

We have a lot of fun things to look forward to in the next few weeks. Beckham turns one next week and we leave for our trip the week after that! We are all very excited.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011


I am a huge slacker. Holy cow. The month of November was kind of a crazy month. I had to get all of my Christmas done because I had bilateral carpal tunnel releases done on December 2. We had such a good Thanksgiving. We ate at my Grandma Louise's this year. It was so fun. It was very simple and a lot of fun. It was just my grandparent's, my parent's and sister's, my uncle Dell and his cute little girl Kinlee, and my little family. Beckham absolutely loved all the food. He was so dang cute. The day after Thanksgiving I did my first fair for Scentsy with Lacy. It was a lot of fun. It was a good experience. Britt and Ty took Beckham to the light parade since I had to stay at the fair. They said he really liked all the lights. Also in November Lyndsey turned 18. Holy cow. I cant believe my little sister is now an adult and going to be graduating from high school soon. She is such a cute funny girl. She is always making all of us laugh when she has time to be with us.