Friday, February 15, 2013


I thought I would do a post all about my little Beckham! He is the funniest little boy. I wanted to document the funny and amazing things he does and our day to day life.

- He is amazingly smart. He fixes his TVs in the car all the time.

-He can tell you directions on how to get to all his grandmas house. He knows everyone's cars an what colors they are.

- He can see them from a mile away.

- He can count to 10 all on his own. He knows the alphabet by site.

- He uses incredibly big words for a 3 year old. Ex. Wonderful, beautiful, amazing, and he loves to say "we'll" like he is a 70 year old.

- He is always saying " I have an idea" "let me think" "I have to tell you something" "I have a story for you" and "come here"

-We are almost officially done potty training. This has been the hardest task so far as a mom.

-He loves anything that has to do with tools, building things, cars, trucks, jeeps, motorcycles, baseball, and basketball.

-He has grown especially attached to his Uncle Tycey. He loves him.

-He loves the tv shows Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, Jake and the never land pirates, and I guess anything that's on Disney Junior.

-He has a new found love of me reading to him.

Beckham is the most incredible little boy. I am so lucky to be his mom and get to spend everyday with him.

Valentines Day

I have a horrible problem with over doing the holidays. It's my favorite thing to do. I love redecorating, finding little (but end up big) gifts for Beckham. We had a great day.