Tuesday, June 19, 2012


So far our summer has been full of fun, sun, family, BBQs, water balloons, pool, porch watching, and lots of loss. Britt has to work so long hours and that leaves Beck and I todo whatever we want. Well we can do what we want on Wednesday and Friday and some Monday's. We have spent a lot of time playing and watching people on my moms porch. We also spend a lot of time swimming at my grandma Louise's. I will say I have the cutest most charming sweet handsome amazingly wonderful little boy. Just look at his pictures and you will agree.

Riding is bike back and forth on Gma Jill's front porch! So cute

Getting ready to work on his four wheeler. It's one of his favorite things todo. We do it every morning while fighting captain hook. He's a great multi tasker

Just relaxing and watching the craziness of main street. We love it.

His toys get stranded in the North Pole and Beck always rescues them

Getting ready to attack his dad with water balloons. He loves it.

New summer haircut by the amazing Danielle

Taking a break from swimming to eat a Popsicle with his best friend. G

Getting his tan on so he doesn't look like Casper

Holding a bug for the first time since the traumatizing experience and is not liking it.

The bug killed him he said.

My handsome little man at Grandma Finches funeral. It was a beautiful day just like she would have wanted. We will miss you grandma so ver much. I was able to see one of my best friends and best cousin and her awesome mom, Kerri and Susan. It was so good to see them and I was so glad they got to meet Beckham. I hope it has made us realize we need to see each other more.

Beck got to play with my cousins Zac Tanner Spencer Kobe and Tanner.

Thank you Zac.

Tired after a long sad day so we all met on the front porch and had a ball

Love you grandma finch. I will miss Grandma Finch so very much, more then anyone will ever realize. RIP Grandma. Tell Jack you will help him until I get there to help. Love and miss you.

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Wednesday, June 13, 2012

We love you Grandma Finch

Last night the world lost one amazing woman. My Grandma Finch passed away after having a massive heart attack. We went over around 6 pm and she ended up passing away at 2:18 after having all the machines were turned off. I was able to be there with my Grandma Colleen and family. It was one of the hardest nights. Grandma Finch was my dads Grandma but I have lots of memories of spending time at her house with my cousin KC. She taught us how to bowl at Dukes Lanes and she always had TV Dinners and brownie bites. She was an amazing woman. Britt and I would go down to her house and we would talk for hours and she would tell us stories after stories. She was one of if not the classiest woman I have ever known. She always was dressed perfect with every accessory you could think of. Last year for mothers day we gave all of our Grandmas and moms a journal with questions about there lives that we have never known. Grandma Finch has been the only one so far to complete the journal and give it back to me. I am so thankful I have that so I am able to tell my Kids and grand children about there amazing Grandma Finch. We will always have a piece of her with us in our little Beckham. We named him after my Grandma Finch and my dad. Grandmas maiden name is Warner and that is my dads middle name. I love you so much Grandma and I will miss you more then anyone knows. You were an amazing example and I am the luckiest girl to have had you in my life and have such an influence on my life. Rest in peace grandma.

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