Wednesday, September 28, 2011


Last week my mom took me and Beckham to Disneyland for a couple of days. It was just a fun spontaneous trip. A couple weeks before my mom asked if we wanted to go to Disneyland with her and Jordyn. We of course wanted to because Beckham is starting to be so much fun and LOVES the disney channel. Britt ended up staying home because of work and school. It was the longest we have been apart.

We left Tuesday morning bright and early at 6. We drove straight to Primm and had lunch. Beckham was so cute with all of the casino lights. He was staring at all the lights and all the weird people.

On our way to California Beckham was playing with the GPS. We didnt think he could hurt the cord or anything. Oh boy were we wrong. He completely unscrewed the adapter. My mom was in a panic. We ended up finding a new adapter at a gas station so it was all good.

When we got to Cali we stopped at Target and got a few things that we had forgotten then went to our hotel and out to dinner at Outback. It was a relaxing night. We went back to the hotel and started to watch Dancing with the Stars but we didnt make it even ten minutes into the show.

The next morning we got up kind of early to be out of our hotel at 9:30. We made it out of there pretty close. When we got there and parked Beckham was not sure what to think about it or where we were out. I definitely learned that it is hard to be without Britt. Britt does so much for us. It was an adjustment. Well right when we got in we decided we would go get a Mickey Mouse Waffle before we started our day. It was a lot of fun. People are the best part of Disneyland.

We started off our Disneyland adventure with the Tiki Room. Beckham was not sure about all of the talking birds. He just sat on my moms lap and watched. He ended up falling asleep so my mom and Jordyn went on Indiana Jones then after me and Jordyn went to go on it and it broke so we walked out and went on all the other fun rides. We decided to take Beckham on all the little kid rides. He absolutely loved Dumbo and the Tea Cups. He didnt like the rides that went dark. He would freak out. Beckham absolutely loved meeting Woody. Disneyland was very busy for this time of year. I will not be going back during Halloween time ever again.

We had a great day. We thought for sure we wouldnt be at Disneyland all day but we were. It was a long day!

The next day we went to California Adventure and we were VERY disappointed. When we got there we went into the World of Disney store and they were so rude and would not help us with anything. Then when we walked into California Adventure you had to walk to the end of the park before we even could do anything. Then to top it off the only good ride, Soarin' over California was like a two hour wait, because they only had one part of them going. We decided to start our day in A Bugs Life. We'll It's tough to be a bug scared the living crap out of Beckham. He did not like that whatsoever. Beckham and I ended up leaving that one early and walking around. He loved the Ladybug ride, the flier ride, and the train kind of ride.

Well that about summed up our day at California Adventure. Everything else was closed. The roller coaster was being painted (stupid), Toy Story broke (right as we were going to get on). We ended up leaving early and we all went back to the Hotel and decided we would go to bed so we could get up early and be able to leave early to get home.

It was a fast little trip but it was a lot of fun. I loved being able to spend a few days with my mom and Jordyn. We stopped in St. George and went to the Gymboree Outlet and got Beckham some cute jammies and some clothes.

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Mom & Jordyn's Birthday

The last few weeks we have had two birthdays of two of my favorite people. It was my moms birthday on August 26. For her Birthday Beckham and I took her to Zupas. She had never been so I thought it would be a fun place to go because she loves soup. My grandma Louise came with us as well. It was so much fun. For her birthday I gave her a cute Halloween hat and some cute dishes and serving dishes. That night my dad took us all to dinner. We all went Brick Oven. It was a lot of fun. We dont ever go out with my parents so it was a nice change. My mom seen her best friend from high school, Stacey. She was so excited. They talked forever. I didnt take any pictures but it was a good day. I love my mom. She is such an amazing example to me. We have had our differences but it has all paid off in the end. She is one of my best friends and I would be lost without her.

On September 1 it was Jordyn's thirteenth birthday. I can not believe how old she is and she is so cute. For her Birthday I wanted to make her feel special. She is such a sweet girl and has had some hard times in her little life. I made her a sucker bouquet. It turned out so cute. Beckham and I took it to her at school along with balloon's and flowers. She loved them. I am so fortunate to have an amazing sister in law that is always willing to make me flowers and get me balloons when I need them for things. It is definitely my thing to give flowers to everyone for everything. I'm sure Shayla gets sick of it but she is always so sweet and willing to help me. My mom and I went and picked Jordyn up for school and she was such a happy little girl. I love her so much. That night we went to dinner and then back to my moms for cake. I think she had a good birthday. She was definitely very spoiled for her birthday.

After her birthday party was pretty much over and Jordyn went to bed Beckham was sill playing and crawled underneath the chairs and he wanted his grandpa's to do it too. He first tried to get my Grandma Paul to go under, well that didnt happen, so he pushed him aside and grabbed my dads hand pushed him to do it. I never laughed so hard. We were all amazed that my dad could actually fit and do it.