Monday, June 28, 2010

Britt's Birthday

This year for Britt's birthday I wanted to make it as fun as I could because last year was kind of a dud. Saturday morning I got up and went and got him breakfast at McDonald's (since I cant cook whatsoever) and then we just got ready for his birthday BBQ with all of our friends and family. I bought him a Red Sox cake (I know I know shocker since I dont like them at all) from Kakes by Kylee and it was adorable. It turned out so great. It was the best cake we have ever had. We had a BBQ over at my Grandma's house. It turned out great. I went completely overboard on presents this year but it was totally worth every penny of it and second of it. It was so much fun.

I hope he enjoyed all his gifts as much as I did picking them out and wrapping them. We love you so much Britt/Dad. We are so lucky to have you in our lives. You are the best husband and dad we could ever ask for. You always make sure we have what we need and want and we love and appreciate you so much. Love you Britt.

First Swimming Day

Last week Jordy was here tending little B while I was typing. Well they wanted to swim. We bought B a pool a few weeks ago to take with us on a trip we are taking on a trip for him. Well I'm not sure he liked it to much. He was happy til he realized it was water but it was still adorable.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Going Private

After a lot of thought and consideration I have decided to make our blogs private. We will be going private on the 20th. I dont what the whole world knowing everything that goes on with my little family and I will do everything I can do keep Beckham safe and out of harms way. If you would like to continue to read our blog please leave your email in a comment by the 20th. Thank you for your understanding in this and your help. We appreciate all the love and support our close friends and family share towards us. Your all amazing.

Saturday, June 12, 2010

I love being a mom!

I never knew I could love someone as much as I love my Beckham. This last week Beckham has changed so much and I have loved every minute of it. I had surgery on Monday so I have had a lot of help with Beckham and he has been gone. Monday my mom and sisters had him all day while I was at the hospital. Tuesday Britt had to go back to work and I was recovering. I couldnt wake up for the life of me and Beckham was such a sweet little boy and was perfectly content to lay next to me and sleep. Well Britt and my mom couldnt get a hold of me and started to worry so they sent Lyndsey down to break it and check on me. Well Lyndsey and Jordy came and got Beckham and took him til Britt got home. Then on Wednesday I had a work so my wonderful mom and sisters took Beckham again so I could get my work done, so again I didn't see him all day. Thursday I got to spend all day with my little man. I loved every minute of it. He is such a smiley little boy and just loves to look at everything. On Friday I had more work so Jordy took him all morning then my awesome mother-in-law took him til Britt got off work and I got a big chunk of my work done. I am truly grateful for all the help I have with Beckham but I have missed my little boy so much.

Last week we started giving him rice cereal and he so was not sure he liked that. He would make a sour face and spit it right back out. So, they only way we can get him to eat it is in his bottle and right before bed. Last week we gave him squash and I think he really likes it. He likes it hot, it cant even be warm. He is so funny when he eats it. Last night I was feeding him and he would just start laughing out of no where. It was the cutest thing ever.

I have loved every minute of being a mom. I never thought it was be something I would absolutely love. I always here these moms saying there is nothing better than being a mom and I would just roll my eyes cause it sounds so sickening.

Here are the top 10 reason's why I love being a mom.

1: Waking up every morning with Beckham next to me and his big smile and eyes lighting up when he sees me.

2: When I walk in the room he gets so excited and smiles and kicks.

3: Getting him ready for bed. I love rocking him and holding him til he falls asleep.

4: When I hold him he holds onto me as tight as he can like a little monkey.

5: When he falls asleep in my arms and is so peaceful.

6: He loves his jeep walker. He has had it a week and has learned so much.

7: He loves his dad. Everyday when Britt gets off work and walks in the house he instantly gets a smile of his face and looks everywhere til he finds Britt.

8: I love shopping for him fun new clothes. Of course there isn't as much cute boy stuff as there is girl, but I love going to Gap and Dillard's and buying him cute Hurley and Quicksilver clothes and making him look like a little business man or a little surfer.

9: Beckham is the most alert baby I have ever seen. Since day one he has loved to be facing out so he can see everything. He has the biggest cutest eyes and he loves to look at everything. He loves new bright things.

10: He is my little friend. He goes everywhere with me and is such a little trooper. He is such a good little baby. I am the luckiest mom on the planet. I love playing with him and making him laugh.

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Memorial Day Weekend.

Over Memorial Day weekend we only got one day to really do anything because Britt had to work, but Sunday we went to my grandparents cabin and had a some fun on the four-wheelers and we just hung out and relaxed. We loved it. B slept like a baby with his Aunt Lyndsey.

Saturday, June 5, 2010


This year we had 2 high school graduations to go to and a 6th grade graduation. The first set of pictures were at my cousin Hillary's graduation from Box Elder High. She is such a cute girl. I cant believe she is graduated. We love you Hill and love you so much.

The second set of pictures are at Jordy's 6th grade graduation. We love Jordy so much. I am so glad this school year is over for her. Her teacher was such a rag. Beckham was very onery and hot at the graduation so once we got him to sleep we didnt want to wake him up.

The last set of pictures is at Tyson's graduation and this was by far the funnest day ever. I was so excited to decorate the house and show Ty how proud I am of him and I love having him as a brother in law. He is by far the smartest person I have ever met. He is the funniest kid out there and Beckham just loves him. I want Beckham to grow up and be like him. Since I have a cricut I was so excited to make the banners and all the decorations. It is by far my favorite thing to do. I have so much fun.