Wednesday, July 11, 2012


Life has been crazy with work and just life in general. We have been doing alot of just hanging out with our families and trying to get everything in. I haven't been to big on pictures but I have a few.

He told me he was typing.

He was doing so well sleeping in his bed so he was able to get some new blocks.

Playing in his room one day while I was working.

My parents got some new patio furniture and it has a fire pit. Beckham loves making s'mores at Ama Jill's.

Beckham had his first dentist appointment and he did so good. The only bad thing is he has to have a mini surgery on Friday because his teeth are decaying. I feel like a horrible mom for not being better about him letting me brush his teeth.

Aunt Jordy hanging out with us.

On the 4th July we went to the movie Brave with my family. Beckham loved it.

He's really into tractors so Saturday my Gpa Paul took him for a ride.

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