Sunday, May 23, 2010

Lady Dons Take 2nd!

This last week was the state tournament for Lyndsey. Wednesday we spend most of the day watching Lyn play ball. There first game of the day they played Tooele and got there butts kicked. They lost 8-0. The next game was against Springville and I thought for sure we would have lost because they had just got there butts kicked and the first inning Springville scored 4. We they pulled through it and ended up winning. The next game was against Bountiful and they ended up winning so they were on to the semi-finals on Thursday.
Thursday they played Lehi to move onto the championship game. They did awesome and pulled off the win. So they were going to the championship against Tooele. I was so nervous for them I thought we were just going to get our butts kicked. Well the first couple of innings Tooele scored 4 and I just knew that was the end. The ump was not make it easy for the girls at all. He kept calling a strike that was way outside and when our girls started swinging at it they would either miss it or they would barely hit it and get out on first. We'll in the by the end of the 5th inning it was 4-1. Well at the bottom of the 6th they girls came alive and score 4 runs. We were ahead. We were so excited. It was the most tense game I have ever sat through. Well then the 7th inning happened. Tooele got a bunch of calls in there favor that hurt us terribly. They ended up scoring 5 and it was 9-5. I was so upset. They made the worst call ever. They had 2 outs and a girl gets up to bat well she gets 2 strikes on her and she swings and misses it so strike 3 right, we'll Lyndsey dropped the ball and the girl headed towards the dugout. We'll the ump didnt call her out and someone said something and she took off to first. She was up the 3rd base line probably 5 feet and ran across and made it to first. I felt awful for Lyndsey. She was crying and it broke my heart and because I am the sister I was ready to kick so major butt. We'll our girls get up and we ended up scoring make the score 8-9. We needed one more fun. We'll Kailey hits a great hit to right field and the field dove and freaking caught it. Game over. We took 2nd.
I was so sad for the girls, but they did an amazing job this season and no one thought they were even going to make it to state. I am so proud of my sister and the rest of the girls on the team. They had such an amazing season and it was so fun to go to the games and watch them shock everyone. I love Lyndsey so much and I couldnt be more proud of her. I forgot how much I love going to her games. I didnt get to go last year because of work and I am so glad I have a job that I can go and support her. Its the best. Beckham was such a sport to go to the games and he was a perfect baby. He will definitely be a ball park baby.

Friday, May 21, 2010

Sperry Family Pictures.

Last weekend we went up to Sundance to take some pictures for Tyson's graduation annoucements and then we did some family pictures and then a couple of my little man. I think they turned out pretty dang cute.

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Region Champs

Lyndsey made it back to softball just in time to play Springville and to be named region champs. I am so proud of Lyndsey. She is such a sweet good girl. I am sure everyone gets sick of me talking about her softball stuff and about how proud I am for her. I am very proud of her for all the hard work she has put in and all the time she has spent practicing. She has had some crappy luck with her health and injuries but she has bounced back amazingly and I am so proud of her. Way to go Lady Dons. You guys are awesome!!

Mother's Day

For my first mothers day Britt was amazing and made me waffles in bed and took B so I could sleep. He is wonderful. He bought me some very pretty roses and on the card he said he would take me to Tai Pan and Ikea, which I am so excited about because I love house decorations. It is my favorite, and I havent been able to decorate our new place how I would like because we havent had time to go up to Tai Pan and Ikea. It is the most perfect gift he could give me. I love Britt so very much. I have the most amazing husband. I would do anything for me and I would be so lost without him. It was a wonderful first mothers day and I love my little babe and my husband very much.

Later that day we went to Britt's parents and had a fabulous lunch. I love there front porch and sitting out there. Its so peaceful. We spent a couple of hours out there and had a fun chat. Marsha is such an amazing mom to Britt, Shayla and Tyson. They are very lucky. She has been such a great example to me and I love her very much for that. She is always so willing to help and be there for us. She is a fabulous women. Marsha is a great grandma to B. She loves him with her everything and he loves her so much. He lights up as soon as he sees her. We love you very much Marsha. We hope you had a Happy Mothers day.

That night we went to my Grandma Louise's to have dinner with them. My grandma has a great back yard. Its very comfortable and it always smells wonderful because of the flowers. My mom is such a great women. She has always worked so hard to give me and my sisters what she thinks we need. She has been such a great example and I love her very much. Ever since I got pregnant my mom has been one of my very best friends. I talk to her all of the time and she is always willing to help me and give me advice on how I should handle things. She has always been such a big help with B. B loves her and smiles as soon as he hears her loud voice and her crazy clipped hair. He thinks she is so funny. We love my mom very much and I wouldnt be where I am today if it wasnt for her. She was such an amazing mom to me and taught me the most important things I needed to know. I love you mom and I hope you had a great mothers day.

The great outdoors.

Britt finally had a saturday off but he offered to help my Grandpa put a drip system in up at the cabin. So saturday we got up and headed to the cabin. While Britt was helping my Grandpa my mom and dad helped my Grandma pain the cabin. It turned out pretty good. I wanted to take pictures of B but it was a little cold still and I didnt know where to do them at and how to get the little baby to sit up, so we'll have to wait til its warmer and I have more time to think. On the way home from the cabin we stopped at the ranch and shoot the guns. It is so pretty up there. I shot Waynes gun twice and it I was done. It hurt my shoulder. I just hung out with Elma and B adn took pictures. It was a fun day. We love it up at the ranch. It is so much fun.