Sunday, March 17, 2013

This weekend we did a few fun things. I didn't get pictures of it. Friday we went up to Lyndseys game. He loved it. At first he couldn't see Lyndsey because she changed her hair but once he found her he loved watching her. They ended up beating Snow College both games Friday. Lyndsey did awesome.

Saturday we hung out at Wayne & Marsha's. Britt and Beckham got his four wheeler working and he was on cloud 9! He spent the day riding his four wheeler down to the Shop and back. I spent the day with my sweet mother in law, Ty, and Shayla. First we went to Shays pampered chef party then we ran to Sephora to get some make up! It was a great relaxing day.

Today we went to the Rock Show to support my Grandpa Mark and Uncle Dell. Beckham wasn't to sure about it at first since they had a guy with dinosaurs walking around. Beckham got a cool rock and and a shark tooth necklace. I got a Tiffany colored sphere that's awesome.

Today was also Uncle Tyson's birthday. I didn't get any pictures but we had dinner and then took a nap. Tyson turned 21. We love you Ty!

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Learning to ride a bike

Today Beckham and I hung out at my moms and it taught him to ride his bike. One we raised his seat there was nothing that would stop him, except maybe his jeep showing up. It was such a fun relaxing day.

Friday, March 8, 2013

Beckham Fun

The last few weeks have been pretty stressful at our house so I have tried to make things for fun with Beckham and take him to do fun things and get us both out of the house and interacting with more then just families. I feel like Beckham needs kid friends not just adult friends. Ex: grandmas, aunts, mom, dad, uncles, ect. We have gone to the Heros & Monsters museum, the park a lot, bowling, and Schells. We have a lot of fun things planned with our friends Becky & Berlin. We love having them and Kayla & Stetzyn.