Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Kangaroo Zoo

A few months back are awesome neighbors moved. I was so sad that they moved and a little worried about what kind of neighbors we would get. Well we got some more amazing neighbors, Audrey and Conner. There is finally a little boy Beckhams age to play with. Well we are both always busy so we finally made a plan to take the boys to kangaroo zoo in PG. The boys loved it and were darling. We will definitely be doing more things together.

Monday, August 12, 2013

Drive In Movie

Last weekend Britt and I wanted to do something fun with Beck since he is going to starting school. Britt suggested we go to a drive in movie. Well the movie "planes" came out so we thought what a perfect time. It was just the 3 of us and an absolute blast. We took at air mattress for the back of the truck and it worked out great. Beckham loved every minute of it. He was on cloud 9. It was a darling movie and perfect for a wiggly 3 year old. We will definitely be doing it again.

Saturday, August 3, 2013

Sperry family ranch trip

We just got home from our yearly (we missed last year because of no water up there) ranch trip with my in-laws and I think this year was probably the most fun. Beckham was so fun to watch play with cousins and ride his four wheeler. It was a very relaxed trip. Britt and I went up Thursday to just have a day away with Beckham. It was perfect. Beck couldn't wait for his cousins to get there to play. He played and played until he couldn't play anymore. Finally about 1 today he had had enough and wanted to take a nap and come home. (Side note Gpa Wayne went to Texas for work and went to a Rangers game. He was so nice and brought beck back a hat. Isn't he so cute?) We ended our weekend of fun doing sparklers and Trama Weez house since we didn't get to do them on the 24th because I was so busy.

24th of July

This year for the 24th I spent it yet again with my Scentsy/Grace Adele sisters. We did the craft fair at the city office building and let me tell you it kicked my butt! I had what I thought was a kidney stone (more to come on that later after more tests and doctors this week) and had to be there Thursday 2-9, Friday noon-11pm, Saturday 8am-11pm, Monday,Tuesday, and Wednesday 8am-11pm in 98 degree weather. It was hot and sometimes miserable but I learned so much. Britt and Beck came and saw me as much as they could without being in the way and my family came and supported me everyday. Beckham was able to go on carnival rides, eat food at the park, and play with friends. It was a crazy week but a good successful one as well.

Swimming lessons

This summer I really wanted to sign Beck up for swimming lessons but everyone I knew was charging an arm and a leg for it and I didn't want to pay someone that kind of money. Well my friend was taking her daughter to someone that I thought was priced fair so I signed him up. It was the perfect class for him. It was just him and 2 other boys. It was perfect. I was really worried about how he would do. But after the first week he did great. He's still a little scared but he learned so much and practices in the tub every night. He's so cute and funny.