Thursday, December 20, 2012

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Christmas Party

Well last week we had Britts work Christmas Party up at the Lion House at temple square. When he got the invitation we were wry impressed because none of the people Britt have worked for have ever done a party that impressive or that nice. Sprinkler world did it one year and we got like a 2 day notice so we were very impressed and excited to go.

This year I have been helping my Grandma get everyone's gifts. I had to stop at Scheels and get some stuff. Well we went in and I got everything I need and we went to leave and we didn't have the keys to my car. Britt didn't have his keys because he put them in the console of the car. We searched the store. Britt looked I'm the car with a flash light and he couldn't see them. Well I left my purse in the car so I figured the keys were in the purse. Well Britt called Sandy police do not unlock cars unless there is a child in it or a pet. So we had to call a locksmith, which if you know me you know my uncle and grandpa are locksmiths so I was mad I had to pay for one. Well he told us he was 10 minutes away, which was a lie. He was at least 40 minutes away. It would have been faster to call my grandpa. Well he unlocked the car but didn't take credit cards so we had to scrounge cash together. So between Britt, Tyson, and I we had exactly $40. It was a nightmare! We were late for the party by this point so Britt flew the whole way there. Well there were no seats when we got there so we ended up sitting at the table with clients of the company and it was the most awkward meal of my life!

All In all it was an awful night but we didn't get to go out without Beckham and we got to get Christmas shopping done even if it did cost us more then expected! After dinner we got to see the lights and they were stunning. I want to take Beckham up to see them.

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