Friday, April 23, 2010

Tyson's Prom!

It was Tyson's senior prom and I wanted to make sure I got a picture cause its kind of a big deal and I was super jealous that he went, because I was not able to go to my senior prom due to a stupid boyfriend. But anyways Tyson and his date were absolutely darling. Tyson is always so nice and willing to help. I've never had a brother and so I have had a blast with Tyson and asking about girls, school, friends, and all that fun stuff. I cant wait for his graduation. It will be fun to watch him. I'm so proud of him and he's just my brother in law. He is so smart and its awesome cause I'm not smart whatsoever so I think is awesome. He will be so successful with his life. He is so darling with Beckham and B just loves him.

Monday, April 12, 2010

One heck of a day!

Well today has been quite the day. This morning I woke up with excruciating pain. I was lucky that Beckham slept till 10, which is awesome. I knew I was passing a kidney stone as soon as I stood up (because I have them so often). Well after I got some medicine I could get somethings done. Well I got all of my Scentsy party invitations done and ready to be sent. Well I went to walk them to the mailbox and I was going to leave B inside but when I got to the door I decided to go back and get him to let him get outside a little. Well we went to the mailbox and came back and I hadnt unlocked the door nob. CRAP! Well since I havent gone to make extra keys for our parents yet I didnt know what I was going to do and I dont know Britt's new phone number because I got him a new phone last week for Easter. Well I am so lucky that my Grandma and Grandpa, who is a locksmith live across the street. So me and B walk over there hoping my Grandpa was home and my luck he's not. He has gone to the cabin. Well my Grandma called my Uncle Dell and he sent my cousin Brian to get me in. I honestley dont know what I would have done if I would have left B in the house. When that crossed my mind it made me sick. I know he would have been safe and okay, but I still wouldnt forgive myself. Well my back pain still hasnt gone away so I have to go in for a CT scan tomorrow. Hopefully everything will be okay and I will pass this kidney stone.

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Easter Weekend.

This year was B's first Easter and it was so much fun to be the Easter bunny and get him a basket. I love filling Britt a basket as well. It is so much fun. This year my Grandma Louise did her annual Easter Egg Hunt, so we took B over and Kenna helped him get his eggs. I think he liked it, but it was a cold but we bundled him up and he was a trooper. This weekend we also moved so it was a crazy weekend but we still made sure to get pictures of B. This year for Easter I got Britt an IPhone. He has wanted one and we were jealous my mom had one so I decided to get Britt one to show him how amazing he is and how much I love him. He is the most amazing man and I appreciate him so much. I think he really enjoyed his gift. We got B a cute little outfit. He looked so cute. It was a good Easter and we cant wait for many more to come.

Friday, April 2, 2010

Trip to Vernal.

On Tuesday B and I went with my mom and Jordy to Vernal to Lyndsey's game. Lyndsey still cant play but we went to support her and to see her Pegasus friends that live down there. It was a long drive but B did very good. I have never seen that many trailers and junk in front yards in my life then I did on our way there. We went a little early so we could take Jordy to the dinosaur museum, and I wanted to just see Vernal and the museum because I had never been out there. I wasnt missing to much,but it was very cool to see the dinosaur's. B didnt know what was going on but he was such a cute little thing. It was a way good game even though Spanish Fork lost, but only because we were not home team. We were ahead the whole game 0 to 3 and then the last inning they hit a home run, scored and the game was over. It was still a fun game and Lyndsey is the cutest on the team and we just love her. We will be so happy when she can start playing again only 3 1/2 more weeks. (Hopefully)

2 months old.

Beckham is already 2 months old. I cant believe how fast the last 2 months have gone by. Now that we have him I cant imagine my life without him. He is so much fun and has started to smile when he sees anyone familiar. He just wants us to always play with him and give him all of our attention. He doesnt like to lay down anymore. He always wants to be sitting up and seeing what is going one. He doesnt like his swing or bouncer if he is awake. He only likes it when he is tired and wants to sleep, so I decided to go get him a bumbo chair so while i work he can sit up and watch everything while I work. He LOVES it. When we put him in it he just smiles and giggles the whole time. He is adorable. We also had to get his 2 month shots this week and it was so sad. I have never seen him cry like that. He is usual so happy and only whines when he is hungry. Its never a big cry so when i heard that it broke my heart but he was back to his happy self after a 3 hour nap and some tylenol. We love are B. He is our world.