Thursday, February 17, 2011


Well I'm a lot late for this post. We have been busy with work, me passing kidney stones, Britt in school, and Beckham running and playing with everything.

We had a blast. It was definitely a once in a life time trip. We started our day off at 6:30 am, we got ready, packed our last things that had to wait to be packed then my amazing sister in law Shayla and brother in law Tyson came and picked us up to take us to the airport. We had so many bags. It was crazy. I didnt think just taking Beckham with us would add so much stuff but it did. We had to make a quick stop at Target before we left to get a few last minute things. When we got to the airport my parents and sisters were still not there so we checked out luggage and waited for them at security. We didnt wait long and then we were off to Seattle for our first layover before we are off to Hawaii for a week of fun in the sun. The first plane was the nicest. Each seat had an individual TV's in the back of them so we were all able to watch different things. The flight attendants were so nice and gave us an entire row for Beckham to move around and sleep on.

Once we got to Seattle we had a 5 hour layover, which we were all pretty worried about cause it was so long but it ended up not being that bad. When we landed it was lunch time and we were all super hungry so we took off to find somewhere to eat. They had a Chilli's in the airport but it was in a completely different terminal so we had to take two subway type trains to get to it. For Christmas my mom gave Beckham a Trunkee and that was our life savor for the layovers. We pulled Beckham all the way to Chilli's and back and he absolutely loved it. We got stopped so many times asking us where we had gotten it and wanting to take pictures of Beckham on it. He loved it. After we ate we went back to our terminal and waited for the plane, which was only for maybe two hours. We walked around, shopped the gift shop. I bought my trash magazines of course and we got Beckham some snacks for the long flight to Hawaii. Well we didnt take any milk with us cause we didnt know that you could take fluids for a baby so in Seattle I searched every shop for milk and no one had any. Even on the plane to Seattle they didnt have any milk they could give us. Finally I went to a coffee shop and asked for milk and they had some. I was in luck. Well they give me maybe 8 ounces and I start walking away and it is burning my hands. So now we had milk but it is way to hot to give to Beckham so we had to wait almost an hour before we could give him any milk.

When we landed in Hawaii we were all instantly hot and dying of heat. We started taking off our jackets and sweaters. We went down to get ours bags and when we got them my new beautiful suitcases were beat to hell. I was a little sad but I knew that it was likely to happen. They had broken my moms brand new suit case as well. They ripped the handle off. Our stroller had also had parts off of it. They didnt loose any of them but we had to put it back together. We then went to meet our shuttle to our hotel. When we got to the hotel there was an ambulance at the hotel and some old man had a heart attack and was on his way to the hospital. We thought it was pretty funny, but it wasnt. I think we were all just tired and didnt know what we were doing. After all it was close to 1 am Utah time. We were all starving so we put our bags in the suite and went down to Denny's. It was in our hotel so my dad was excited. (if you know my dad you know that the only place we can eat is Denny's when we go out of town cause he is so cheap). After we ate I knew that I had to go find some damn milk for Beckham so Britt gave me $11 cash to go get some milk. Me and Lyndsey took off and got to the ABC store and I was thinking oh I'll get me a Diet Coke and Beckham some cereal for in the morning. Well we get to the milk and it was $10.69 for a gallon. I about died. I looked at Lyndsey and was like holy crap. So we ended up getting just a half a gallon and went to the room. So we took this opportunity to take Beckham off bottles.

The next morning we woke up and decided we were going to get our whole trip planned out day by day and then hit the beach. We went down stairs and talked to Kona about what we wanted to do and what we wanted to see. After we talked to Kona we decided to go to the beach for the afternoon and play. It was so much fun. Beckham absolutely loved it. He loved the water. When it was time for lunch we took him out of the water and brought him up to where we were sitting. Well he wasnt done swimming so he backed his way back down to the water. It was so cute. After a couple hours Beckham was ready for a nap. So me and Beckham went back to our room and got him bathed and put him to sleep. It was a very chilled day and we loved it.

We decided that Friday we would take a limo around the island to see everything and learn about the island. It was so much fun! Our driver told us so much information. He took us to places like the blow hole, Hanauma Bay, North Shore, The Pipeline, the Temple, Polynesian Culture Center, Dole Pineapple Plantation, where they filmed lost, and lots of other places that we cant even remember because it was so much information. For lunch Mike, our drive, took us to this shrimp truck that was to die for! It was the best food that we had the whole trip. When we pulled up though we were very nervous cause it looked like a scum hole but it was to die for! On our tour around the island Beckham was in heaven being able to walk around the limo and play with everyone. Well because he had no rules he broke a wine glass. I was mortified. It was very hard to keep him under control.

Saturday we woke up super early and had to be downstairs to have our next limo pick us up and take us to Pearl Harbor. It was a very cool experience. I loved every minute. Britt was amazing and took Beckham out of the show so I could watch it, since Beckham was screaming and not wanting to sit still. It was so cold that morning I was desperate for a sweat shirt. Well the only ones that they sell there are old man sweat shirts but because I was so cold I bought one and looked so funny for the morning. After we saw everything we wanted to see at Pearl Harbor we went to the swap meet at the arena. We were able to get a ton of stuff for super cheap. It was super hot and we were ready to go back to the room and just chill.

Sunday when we woke up Britt, my parents, and my sisters went snorkeling at Hanauma Bay. They said it was a blast and loved it. I stayed back at the hotel with Beckham because I was sure he wasnt going to be good with just sitting on the beach. Later that day after they all got back my parents, Lyndsey, Britt and I were all suppose to go parasailing, but they didnt come get us and the weather was kind of yucky so we scheduled it for Monday morning. So for the rest of the day we just chilled and shopped around the shops that were by the hotel.

Monday we woke up and we went Parasailing. It was a blast. It was one of the best things we did. Jordyn stayed back at the hotel with Beckham because he couldnt go on the boat. The guys that took us were hilarious. They kept us entertained the whole time. Britt and I went first and I got to see a whale. It was awesome. Britt only saw the splash but I saw the tail and back end. It was way cool. They made my dad go by himself because they said he was stealth and way to big to go with anyone else. It was so funny. When we got back to the hotel everyone decided to go back to the beach and relax. It was a very chill day.

Tuesday we decided that would be our day to go to Tiffany & Co (I had been waiting all week to go) and then we would go to Paradise Cove for a Luau. Tiffany's was only a couple blocks a way and it was amazing. It was Beckhams first trip to Tiffany's and he was fabulous. I could decided what I wanted from there so it took me a while to find it. But I did. (I'll put that in another post). While we were in Tiffany's it started raining really bad so Britt being the amazing husband he is ran down the street to get us an umbrella and Beckham and I waited for him. We decided to walk and try to meet him. By the time we met him the rain had stopped and we didnt need the umbrella. We then got ready for the Luau and backed everything up because we were leaving the next day. We were shoving things in every corner of every bag and then some. It was insane how much stuff we had brought and how much stuff we had bought there.

The luau was so much fun. When we got there we got shell and flower leis. When then walked around and did different activities. We got tribal tattoos, did spear throwing, make headbands and bracelets, and we had an amazing dinner. They then preformed for us and Beckham loved it. He thought it was awesome. Our guide at the luau is actually a U of U football player and was home because he had surgery but he was going back to Utah the same day we were going home just a later flight. He was hilarious.

Our trip was so much fun. I have amazing parents for taking us on this awesome trip and giving us the opportunity to go. It was a trip of a life time. Beckham took his first steps in Hawaii and it was the best.

Friday, February 11, 2011

Beckham is ONE

Sorry I'm a little late on this post. We were so crazy with getting out of town and getting ready for Beckham's party and then work and having everything done so we were able to go out of town and not have a worry in the world.

Well January 27, 2010 our lives changed forever for the better. Beckham Warner Sperry was born and we wouldn't change it for the world. It has been one heck of a year. I had a total of 4 surgeries (including the c-section to get our little B here). In spite of all our medical troubles and the exciting things that have happened we were able to watch our little boy grown and learn things everyday. He is the smartest baby I have ever seen (thanks to my in-laws. They are all super smart.) He pays so much attention to detail. He knows when there is anything new or different in our house or anywhere we go. He taught himself to go up and down our stairs when he was just 8 months. The was able to walk down then holding the railing and its his favorite thing to do. On his birthday he could say the words, mom, dad, yes, and hot. He can walk but he is not fast enough so he prefers to crawl and he can haul butt. We have to constantly having to watch the doors and cupboards are shut or he will get them. He is our life and our world. We love him so much. He is the funniest little boy. When we ask him questions he nods yes or no. He LOVES his dad. When Britt gets home from work he goes crazy trying to get to him. Britt has to sneak out of the room or Beckham just cries. He loves his Aunt Jordyn. When she walks in the room he instantly goes to her and when anyone tries to take him from her he dives right back to her.

Here are some his one year old pictures. I think they turned out so cute. I just love him.

For Beckhams birthday we had a party for him with our friends and family. It turned out just how I wanted it to. We had so much fun. He is one spoiled little boy. It was very hard to find something for him for his birthday since I went overboard on Christmas and got him everything I thought he needed and then some so for his birthday we had to be creative. We love our little man so much. He is our life. We love you Beckham Warner!